Nestle Professional / Minor's

American Culinary Federation - Chef Professionalism Awards



Since 2004, Impact Communications has been the event producer for the Chef Professionalism Awards event at the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF) annual convention. Held at various convention centers throughout the country, the Chef Professionalism Awards presentation is sponsored by Minor’s / NestlĂ© Professional.

Four top chefs, representing the ACF’s four national regions, are honored with one being named the national winner at the live event. As event producer, Impact creates a biographical video about each winner, along with a show theme, speaker support graphics, and a printed program booklet. In addition, Impact directs and manages the staged event and prepares show elements such as walk-in music, animated loops, and photo tributes to all past winners since the award began in 1991.

The American Culinary Federation’s annual conference attracts thousands of culinary experts, apprentices and managers from across the country. The Chef Professionalism Award presentation serves to motivate and encourage all attendees to become leaders in their field through certification, continuing education and training, competition, the development of young culinarians, and community involvement.