American Greetings Corporation

Multimedia Showrooms



Impact Communications partnered with American Greetings Corporation to develop two state-of-the-art multimedia showrooms.

The first is The Pipeline of Innovation, a multimedia experience to present forthcoming, innovative greeting cards to American Greetings’ retail partners. The program is displayed on a chic, custom-fabricated 80-inch Plexiglas touchscreen panel suspended in midair by two thin, brushed metal beams. This huge screen complements the design of the Pipeline of Innovation presentation room, where current and prospective customers walk through a brushed aluminum pipeline and sit in cushy, theater-style seats.

Presenters interact directly with the screen to slide through, select, and interact with cards. Impact’s designers and programmers worked to recreate interactive 3D animations of each card and its unique innovative features, giving the audience an exciting and informative experience. The program is dynamic and can be tailored by American Greetings staff for various uses.

The second is the Product Development Showroom for which Impact worked with American Greetings’ editorial product development team to design physical space as well as create a one-hour program. This showroom setting features a media wall with six flat-screen HD monitors, ranging in size from 48” to 60,” that run three separate video feeds. During the presentation, retailers learn about the current trends in the greeting card market such as who purchases the products and what influences their buying decisions. Multimedia feeds are remotely controlled by the presenter who has the ability to pace the program segments to accommodate several speakers and facilitate questions from the audience.

American Greetings is the world’s largest publicly owned creator, manufacturer and distributor of social expression products.