Impact Communications wins ADDY Awards

This year Impact Communications attended the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Cleveland ADDY Awards and were fortunate enough to take home two Silver trophies for our 2018 Holiday Video and Cinematography Reel, both in the “Advertising Industry Self-Promotion” category. It was a great honor to be recognized alongside all the best creatives in Cleveland’s ad community. The AAF ADDYs receive over 40,000 entries every year so to standout and be recognized is rather humbling. Both videos will now have the opportunity to compete at the district level of this three-tier, national competition.

Impact Communications received two Silver ADDYs

About our 2018 Holiday Video

When you have a staff full of creative, funny people, you open the door to a very imaginative concept that’s assured to get some attention. The Silver Addy is a testament to the artistic efforts of the entire group. We filmed our 2018 Holiday Video over five days and the hardest part was just getting everyone’s schedules to allow blocks of time for shooting. We shot it all on our Red Helium with Sigma lenses and mounted on the MoviPro. Great concept by our Impact designer / illustrator Kate Triantafellow!


2018 Cinematography Reel Highlights

Our latest 2018 Cinematography Reel is a culmination of our best footage from clients such as Aspen Dental, Signet Jewelers, and Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana. We’re so grateful to be a part of video shoots that provide opportunities to create beautiful visuals. The Impact team handles video production from start to finish, including content development, scriptwriting, project management, lighting, talent casting, and post-production.

If you want a laugh make sure to check out our holiday video outtakes!

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What exceptional event management companies do to impress you every time.
What exceptional event management companies do to impress you every time.

No one company can be a jack of all trades. For many companies, there are often not the resources or the internal expertise to pull off a flawless event.

Whether a large corporation or a smaller business, hosting a live event can be daunting. That is where a seasoned event production company comes in. It is beneficial to rely on professionals that specialize in understanding your business goals and who can then create an outstanding event experience that aligns with those goals, and will resonate with both the hosts and guests.

Whether it is a sales or training meeting, a leadership meeting, or a large-scale launch event, the end goal should always be the same: move the audience to action.

What Are the Risks of Producing Your Event Internally?

While internal resources may have company knowledge on their side, there is so much more that goes into producing a top-notch corporate meeting or event. For starters, there are literally thousands of details to coordinate. For employees who already have other responsibilities, simply finding the time and expertise to plan and execute a live event can be one of the biggest challenges.

Finding the right mix of creativity is also vital to making that lasting impression. From the psychology of a custom theme and graphics development, script and speechwriting, and live entertainment to the little details like set design, technology specification and collateral materials, a creative spark is necessary across every aspect of the event. Without an experienced production team on your side, your event is not likely to achieve your goals.

Now that you are inclined to contract professional support, what wow factors should you look for when outsourcing your next live event?

What the Best Event Production Companies Do Well

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting the “best” event production company to handle your next event, but a few really standout:

  • Understanding the audience and the objective: A solid production team will ask the right questions in order to really understand who the audience is, where attendees are coming from, what their perspective is, and most importantly, how you want them to think or feel differently once they step away from the meeting or event. Answering these questions all begins with listening and relationship building with a client.
  • Accurately telling the story: Every meeting or event has a unique story to tell and it is the job of a production team to tell that story in an engaging and motivational way. A story is not just spoken on a stage. It is told through theme selection, live entertainment, snappy graphics and the right video and music at the right time. A motivational story has many different components and the best event production companies have the resources and expertise to tie every aspect of an event in, leaving attendees invigorated and wanting more.
  • Bringing the right resources to the table: There are many components involved in successfully producing a large-scale meeting or event. Bringing a production team with the right mix of expertise and capabilities to the table is a game-changer. A team that offers the whole package from soup-to-nuts (think script and speechwriting to talent casting, video production and even staging management) will ensure consistency throughout the event.

What has worked well for your events? Have they fallen short? We would love to hear your story and explain how we can build on what you have done in the past. Take a look at our most recent portfolio of work here.

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