University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Polar Ice Caps Kiosk


Visitors of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History have the ability to put themselves in Mother Nature’s shoes with the museum’s Polar Ice Caps kiosk.

Impact Communications customized and developed the content and programming for this interactive museum kiosk, a touchscreen program that brings science to life in a fun and meaningful way. By combining different variables of orbit, amount of Earth’s tilt and the distance at summer visitors see how those variables affect the growth and abatement of the world’s polar ice caps. The program includes illustrated characters, who present the results of each combination.

Also within the program are more in-depth modules that focus on the topics of Ice Through the Ages, Earth Today and Predicting Future Trends. Impact worked closely with the museum’s exhibit director and scientists to depict accurate information in an engaging way for their target audience of middle school visitors.

The University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History consists of 18,000 feet of exhibit space. Each year, the museum experiences over 135,000 visitors, providing them with exhibits and programs that inspire engagement in the exploration of scientific research and discovery.