Gulf Coast Exploreum

Mission Nutrition Exhibit Gallery

Interactive Exhibits

Impact Communications designed and developed the Mission Nutrition gallery for the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Alabama.

The overall goal of the gallery is to empower and motivate visitors to live a more healthy lifestyle. Obesity and diabetes are prevalent in the area, making this a crucial mission.

Mission Nutrition includes an Augmented Reality app featuring animated Superfoods who enthusiastically hype their benefits to the visitor. As an iPad scans the area, these child-sized characters animate on screen, providing wonderful information along with a cool photo op ready for Social posting. Two giant watermelon tables house Now You’re Cooking, a game where visitors select ingredients and cook traditional southern recipes as they learn great tips to make the foods they love healthier. An eight-foot round screen displays You Are What You Eat, a quiz game that is a standalone piece and docent-led for groups. Exploreum staff easily customize this quiz by entering questions, answers, photos and video into a database. Three steering-wheel controlled Fuel Up raceways provide the competitive fun of “picking up” healthy meals and snacks while avoiding obstacles that cause the 3D food-vehicle to spin out.

Impact designed and fabricated exhibitry, developed content, designed and produced graphics and animations, developed games, tested and installed all components.

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the quality of life for the people of the Gulf Coast. Providing educational opportunities in a fun learning environment is what the Exploreum is all about.