Arras Group / Kumho Tire USA

EDGE Kumho Tires Dealer Training


Impact Communications, in partnership with the Arras Group, produced EDGE, an in-depth, online training application for Kumho Tire Corporation dealers and sales teams. This media-rich interactive program provides comprehensive information on tire construction, technical differences, and consumer features and benefits to help sales people sell the Kumho brand with knowledge, comfort, and confidence.

This e-learning program is designed to let the student proceed at a pace that is comfortable for them and to let them leave the training environment when other business needs demand their time. It also tracks learners’ progress and rewards them as they complete and master the concepts being taught.

Using a combination of multimedia – audio, video, graphics, animation, and text – in a web based conveyance presents complex subject matter with clarity and effectiveness. The multimedia approach allows for robust content to be delivered in a diverse and engaging fashion, continually piquing student interest and interaction.

The online training application is supported by a custom database which serves two functions, one to track participation and awards fulfillment; the second, to manage content. Much of the content that is prone to change is dynamically served out of the database so new products and/or product enhancements may be added or incorporated with a minimum amount of effort by the client’s internal web administrator.

Arras is a marketing and brand innovation firm. Kumho Tire is a high performance tire company that brings quality and innovative technology to consumers worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, Kumho Tire has transformed its humble beginning in South Korea into becoming the 9th largest tire manufacturer in the world.