Discover Chagrin Falls History

Interactive multimedia exhibit for the Society's Museum

To educate and entertain middle school students and adults

The Project

The Chagrin Falls Historical Society enlisted Impact’s help to create an interactive multimedia exhibit that teaches middle school students and adults about local history. The program was developed to correspond with the middle school curriculum while also appealing to adult audiences. Impact was asked to create two versions of the exhibit. The first, which includes a 50” touch screen monitor, is displayed in the middle school where children and adults interact with the program while attending events there. A second exhibit is displayed in the Chagrin Falls Historical Society’s museum. In addition to the physical exhibits, the program was built for use on the client’s website.


The Chagrin Falls Historical Society discovers, preserves, and shares the history of Chagrin Falls and vicinity.


Visitors to the Chagrin Falls Historical Society and the Middle School's
Community Center.


To inspire and inform attendees with the rich history of Chagrin Falls.


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Our Process

The team at Chagrin Falls Historical Society had a clear idea of what information they wanted to include in the program. Our challenge was to engineer a logical user-experience that their guests would enjoy and bring it to life. After an introductory meeting to help our team understand their vision and requirements, we created a navigation wireframe that satisfied all of the client’s requests and included additional games and activities that would make the user experience even more enjoyable.

Once we had approval on the wireframe, we collaborated with the client to develop a graphic design for the app.  Next, we were ready to tackle programming. We built an easy-to-use back-end application which allows administrators to make updates. The web-version of the program includes unique bookmarking capabilities, which allow visitors to save their content for later exploration regardless of whether they are using a mobile device or personal computer. In the final phase of the process, we sourced all the hardware, conducted testing, and ensured a successful installation.


Exhibit Sketches
Hardware Structure
Database Design


Systems Engineering


Graphic Design

Know on the Go

We designed the program to be fully accessible and functional from the client’s website and on mobile devices.

Museums and Exhibits

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Mobile Website and App Development

In 2019, our Discover Chagrin Falls History exhibit won a gold Communications Award from the Ohio Museum Association.