Impact REAL-TIME for Virtual Events

Engage your audience with an interactive virtual event that rivals an in-person experience

The recent, unprecedented world-wide pandemic has had a tremendous effect on how we communicate. Many companies have had to postpone, and in some cases, cancel important meetings and events.

Although there’s definitely a unique energy that comes from having your group together in-person, at times like this, that’s just not practical. Yet, now more than ever, it’s important to communicate your message and stay connected with your audience.

Impact Communications has an affordable webcast-based solution that lets you hold your virtual meeting or event to engage your audience as never before.

Virtual Events and Remote Meetings

Introducing Impact REAL-TIME, a unique, customizable service developed by Impact Communications. Impact REAL-TIME brings remote audiences together simultaneously, and a digital event to life.

More Than a Webcast

Impact REAL-TIME is a live, webcast-based event that’s customized, interactive, and engaging. Individual participants can join in remotely through a secure web portal from their personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Your presenters and keynote speakers can broadcast their presentations from a single venue or multiple points of origin. Your audience participates live, through tools like FaceTime®, Skype, and Web-conferencing apps, allowing a level of engagement that rivals an in-person event.


Impact REAL-TIME also integrates a range of social media feeds, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so that your attendees can share their reactions and feedback in real-time for the rest of the audience to see. Incorporating polling software also gives you an added option for engaging your attendees. No longer just passive viewers, your attendees are encouraged to be active participants.

Production Value

Impact REAL-TIME offers high quality HD video feeds of presenters along with customized graphics and branding, unique to your company and the event. Our producers and technical crew will work with your team to incorporate other elements, such as speaker support presentations, videos and even live entertainment. After your event is complete, an archived copy can be posted for viewers unable to attend.

Communication Is Critical to GettingBack to Business as Usual

Virtual Events and Remote Meetings

Let Impact REAL-TIME help you create a unique experience for your next business meeting or event. It’s the best solution to rival the traditional in-person meeting. With Impact Communications, you can feel confident that the technical expertise and event management is handled, so that you can focus on connecting with your audience.

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