Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Interactive multimedia programs

To educate and entertain a museum audience

Museums and Exhibits

The Project

Impact developed four interactive multimedia programs that share Iowa’s rich contributions to the history of rock and roll, each designed to appeal to a diverse audience. These multimedia programs honor prestigious Iowa talent, follow the tour routes of national rock stars who made Iowa a must-play destination, visit famous Iowa music venues, and celebrate the top names in Iowa radio who helped bring rock and roll to the heartland.


The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Museum provides visitors with an in-depth look at Iowa’s musical roots.


Visitors with an interest in rock and roll and a desire to discover more about Iowa’s place in American rock history.


Inspire visitors and give recognition to the men and woman who influenced the genre.


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Our Process

Impact provided turnkey service on the creation of four interactive touchscreen exhibits in the museum and managed the hardware systems. We worked with the client to identify their vision and the content available for each exhibit. Then we created wireframes that demonstrated a logical narrative and flow for each of the exhibits. Once those were approved we built all the graphic components and then began programming. Knowing that new inductees would be added each year, we planned a robust database design that would allow the client to create their own updates to select programs, particularly the Hall of Fame. In addition to the design, we sourced the monitors for the exhibit and handled all purchasing, testing and installation onto the hardware.


Creative Concept
User Experience Design
Hardware Structure
Wireframe Development


Systems Engineering


Graphic Design
Interactive Programming
Motion Graphics

On the Road Again

We created an After Effects journey where some of the biggest names in rock made Iowa’s popular music venues important stops as they continued on the road to superstardom.

Museums and Exhibits

Their Role in Rock

Visitors can interactively connect with their favorite DJs from the past, some who were almost as famous as the artists whose records they played.

Museums and Exhibits

Honoring the Legends

The roster of Iowa’s rock and roll royalty grows each year and visitors can access them all through this comprehensive database-driven program. This updatable interactive features three different search options.

Museums and Exhibits