Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Client: Wonder Media: Ask the Questions!

The Project

Impact partnered with the Kalamazoo Valley Museum to develop four dynamic interactive multimedia exhibits that provide visitors with the tools they need to make critical decisions about finding truth in media sources.


The Kalamazoo Valley Museum uses its collection and resources to provide innovative learning experiences and community interaction to connect with our past, influence our present and envision our future.


A target audience range that encompasses middle schoolers to adults.


To help develop visitors’ critical thinking skills to help them make informed decisions on choosing media sources.

The Process

From consultation through creative drawings, engaging stories, multimedia programming, formative evaluation through installation, Impact delivered support and solutions.  Since its inception, Wonder Media has doubled in size to encompass two floors of the museum. Impact’s role expanded along with the footprint.

Timely and vital, Wonder Media: Ask the Questions! allows visitors to conduct their own explorations into what makes up a fact or fiction-based traditional media story or social media post and how to apply their knowledge to analyze the content they’re exposed to each day. Each exhibit has its own mission and message and interactive opportunity, including hands-on and touch screen-activated programming.