Kwikset Virtual Trade Show

Client: Kwikset

The Project

Impact Communications planned, designed and hosted an interactive virtual trade show for Kwikset/Baldwin. This completely virtual environment is the latest technology in reaching global clients, or hosting events in a world post-pandemic. Rather than putting together one large tradeshow held annually or biannually, virtual tradeshows can target specific audiences and allow for companies to plan multiple such events within a certain span of time. As a bonus, content and exhibits can be easily edited and updated as information changes.


Kwikset has provided nearly a century of innovation as a leading residential lock manufacturer since 1946. It has committed itself to meeting homeowner needs as technology advances to keep customers safe and satisfied.

Kwikset’s mission is to provide security on the outside and convenience on the inside.


More than 250 virtual attendees took part in the event.


Provide distributors and their customers with an opportunity to interactively engage with the latest Kwikset brand product offerings.

The Process

Our team, along with our exhibit design partners, created digital booths with links to information about products, prerecorded videos of company leadership and detailed handouts for upcoming offers.  All content was housed on a HiVe site that allowed visitors to move about the exhibit, gathering as much information as desired at all locations. Participants could also live chat with a representative.