Yes, Today!

Parody music video used to launch a new internal campaign

To educate and entertain over 12,000 team members across the country

The Project

Aspen Dental asked Impact to create a music video for their annual Leadership Retreat. The purpose of the video was to unveil a new organizational initiative designed to reinforce their “Yes” culture in their daily interactions with patients. The video was a parody of the famous song by the Beatles, “Yesterday”.


With 800+ offices in 42 states, Aspen Dental practices provide a wide range of general dentistry and denture-related services.


Aspen Dental
office teams.


Reinforce Aspen Dental’s “Yes” culture among doctors and office staff in their daily interactions with patients.


Hit Song Re-Lyricized


Degrees F During Filming


Silver Telly Award for Cinematography

Our Process

Aspen Dental brought the creative concept to Impact and asked us to bring their idea to life in time for their big meeting. The idea came to Aspen’s Mark Frank as he was brainstorming aloud and someone said, “Hey, sounds like you are saying “yesterday.” That was his eureka moment. Together with his colleague Kasey Pickett, they rewrote the lyrics to “Yesterday”, capturing the details of Aspen’s “Yes” culture. Then they recruited some homegrown talent – Dr. Brandon Meckelberg, an Aspen Dental dentist with an amazing singing voice.

As our team got to work, we spent considerable time planning and coordinating details of the shoot, determining the visual style, and blocking shots. Blocking was an important step in the process because it helped us map out every single frame we would need to capture. The video was shot overnight at an Aspen Dental practice in Tallahassee, FL. Despite the balmy 100-degree temps, our video crew worked throughout the night to create an impressive visual style. To give the effect of being in slow motion, we had Dr. Meckelberg sing along with a track that played back at twice the normal speed. At the same time we filmed him using our Red Helium camera at 48 frames per second rather than the standard 24 frames per second. It worked like a charm!  Following the shoot, we spent a week editing and color-grading, and then the video was ready for the big show.


Develop Cinematography Approach




Video Production
Motion Graphics
Special Effects

Behind the Scenes

Our cinematographer shares the inside scoop on our shooting strategy.

You’ve Got The Look

Even though the entire video was shot through the night, we were able to create scenes that looked as though they were shot in broad daylight.
HMI lights and anamorphic lenses were used to create a sunny morning vibe in select shots.
Quasar tube lights were used to give a dark hallway a dramatic, after-dark feel.

What It Takes

We used some fun tricks and tools to give our shots some drama. Special effects sparks are used to highlight a celebratory moment in the song. To get dynamic shots with subtle movement, we filmed our singer using our RED Helium camera mounted to a Movi PRO on a jib arm.