As your company continues to evolve, your website must represent your latest product offerings, newest projects, relevant blogs, and company news. Companies need to view websites as a continuous work in progress to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

Here are six tips to keep you up to date, because people do business with highly regarded and trusted industry experts.


  1. Security should be one of the top priorities for businesses both large and small. We hear all too often about large companies that get hacked, compromising information. Optimizing site security on a regular basis is integral for the reputation of your company and your clients.


  1. Content Quality will play a major role in the short and long-term success of your brand. It needs to be clear, engaging, and informative. The more you can regularly update your website content and images, the better chance you’ll get word-of-mouth referrals in the form of social media shares and email blasts. It is through this grapevine that your brand will grow a larger following.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing as companies like Google are frequently updating their algorithms. A search engine’s goal is to provide the searcher with the best and most relevant results that will help them answer questions and get products that will solve their problems. The best way you can do this is by keeping your website content updated as a means of showing Google you are a reputable authority in your industry and by ensuring your site loads quickly. If you can do this effectively, you’ll see your rankings improve, which will then lead to more visitors across your site.


  1. Design Improvements seem to have no limit. But with that comes the need for your company to keep up with the latest visuals by updating the aesthetics on your website. Make sure to take a look at your graphics and images once or twice a year and see if they could be changed or improved. Also, since so much web traffic is on mobile devices having a properly tested responsive site is imperative.


  1. Analytics allow measurement of the effectiveness of your website. A robust assortment of online tools is available to help measure the strengths and weaknesses of your website.


  1. Brand Awareness is a vital part of running a successful company. It will have customers and prospects coming back for more as they’re curious to see what you’ll think of next. Calls to action encourage engagement and adding new items capture repeat visits.


Have you viewed your website lately for updates?