Cinematography is a beautiful mix of art and science. That’s not my quote but something I’ve always related to and identified with. In one phase of college I burnt the candle at both ends churning out physics formulas as an Engineering major. Somewhere in there I had a passion for cinema that went completely unrealized. I closed my eyes and changed my major to Cinematography. When I opened them, I saw the magnificent potential of the art and science blend.  

I fell in love with editing first. Then cameras. Then lighting. Then the entire frame. Everything that comes together to give the audience a sense of emotion had a very profound impact on me. I’ve always been fascinated by the endless ways to tell a story and that’s always been at the core of my interest and the interest of my cohorts: storytelling. 

Storytelling Through Visuals

At Impact, our team takes great pride in communicating our client’s message through beautiful visuals and motion. We have a lot of tools available to convey this emotion and we deliberate on the right ones to use on each project. For instance: 

Camera Motion: We put our RED Helium 8k camera on the MoviPro gimbal stabilizer to get really dynamic motion.  

RED Camera, MoviPro, Dynamic Motion, Video Production, Impact Communications

RED Camera, MoviPro, Dynamic Motion, Video Production, Impact Communications

Anamorphic Lenses: Some projects call for this stylized character and look, and it’s been a lot of fun employing. 

Anamorphic Lenses, Stylized Character, Impact Communications, Video Production

Composition: Sometimes it can be simple but bold.   

Composition, Impact Communications, Video Production

Composition, Impact Communications, Video Production

Quasar Tube Lighting 

Quasar Tube Lighting, Impact Communications, Video Production

Hazer: This gives image a low-contrast contemporary look. 

Hazer, low-contract, contemporary, Impact Communications, Video Production

Color-Grading in Post: Impact has a full Davinci Resolve suite to create the right look.  

Color-grading, Impact Communications, Video Production

In video production and cinematography, the common goal is to summarize a thousand words into a single visual that conveys the message of a scene. For cinematic storytelling, we have a lot of technology and methodology at our disposal: emotion through camera movement, mood through lighting, a sense of space through lensing and composition, and environment through art direction are just a few.  

Art & Science Brings a Script to Life

The art and science of it is using all of these tools to bring a script to life. I think that is really important to engage an audience. We have very different audiences depending on our clients and knowing our audience is something we all take a lot of responsibility in understanding. As a cinematographer, there’s a great sense of achievement to be able to command how the audience feels.   

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