Impact President Bob MacDonald recently had an article published in Forbes titled, “A New Way of Looking at Your Company’s Mission Statement and Core Values.” In it he states that, “In recent years, it’s become the norm for companies and institutions to develop mission statements, which are often supported by vision statements and occasionally some core values. These are valuable tools intended to help employees and other stakeholders in an organization understand its purpose and what it stands for.”

Bob goes on to say that, “The mission statement, vision statement and core values are only as effective as they are ingrained in the culture of your organization. It is one thing to post the words and images on a website, digital signage or in a video. It is another to live and breathe the mission in each and every task. Every member of the team must understand how valuable their role is in the success that is required to achieve the mission.” In his article, Bob highlights many different business environments and roles in which each and every member of the team plays an important part in executing on the mission and vision of their company. For instance, “The production assistant in a video production team is just one player, but their ability to manage multiple concurrent tasks and maintain many small details plays a crucial role in the overall success of the production. In this example, one element of the producer’s role is to make sure everyone on the team has a clear sense of the “mission” and how their contribution lends to the success of the show.”

The Forbes piece goes on to highlight some of the key approaches Impact Communications takes to reinforce the importance of each and every role as it relates to the company’s mission. Maybe some of these same tactics will work for your organization.

To learn more about how you can reinforce your company mission at each level, read Bob’s article here.