NASA Glenn Research Center


Interactive Exhibits

Impact Communications developed a permanent exhibit for the NASA Glenn Research Center, now housed at the Great Lakes Science Center. AeroAdventure is an interactive experience that explores the science of flight and propulsion, and showcases the achievements of the Glenn Research Center.

For this museum interactive exhibit production, Impact designed the gallery space to include interactive multimedia, audio and video experiences, artifact presentation, and interpretive labeling.

AeroAdventure content primarily targets middle school children visitors, at a time when they are introduced to The Scientific Method – a process central to all research in every scientific discipline. The exhibits make a connection between the process used daily in the sophisticated science of aeronautics, as well as in the fundamental scientific experiments students conduct at the middle school level.

AeroAdventure interactive multimedia programs combine physics and fun-to-convey key concepts of aeronautics and allow visitors to create their own flight experiences. Videos and artifact interpretation were developed to be easily understood by all visitors, while maintaining the complex technological integrity of the projects.

NASA Glenn Research Center is NASA’s Lead Center for aerospace propulsion. It conducts world-class research and transfers technology to U.S. industry.