Mission Nutrition

Science Center interactive exhibit for an all-ages audience in Alabama

To educate, inform and inspire visitors about healthy eating habits

The Project

Impact Communications designed and developed the Mission Nutrition gallery for the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Alabama. The overall goal of the project was to empower and motivate visitors to live a more healthy lifestyle. As part of this project, Impact created several exhibits components, each focused on a different aspect of nutrition.

  • Superfood Superheroes – An augmented reality app featuring animated superfood-themed characters who enthusiastically hype their nutritional benefits to visitors.
  • Now You’re Cooking – Two watermelon-shaped tables house this interactive game that allows visitors to cook traditional southern recipes and swap ingredients to make healthier versions.
  • You Are What You Eat – An eight-foot round projection screen displays this quiz game that tests visitors’ knowledge of food facts.
  • Fuel Up – A steering wheel controlled race game that puts visitors in the driver’s seat to navigate a day’s worth of healthy (or unhealthy) meals and snacks.


The Gulf Coast Exploreum is dedicated to excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math education (STEM), and to make the excitement of scientific discovery accessible to the gulf region.


General public with a primary focus on students grade 6 and above.


Motivate visitors to consider nutritional options that will improve their health and well-being.


Superfood Characters Created


Variations of Shrimp N’ Grits Recipe


Pounds Gained Testing Recipes

Our Process

From start to finish, Impact managed and oversaw all aspects of production on this project. The team from Gulf Coast Exploreum had a clear sense of the content they wanted to share, but needed our help in figuring how out to deliver it to their guest in an entertaining way. They gave our team ample room to flex our creativity and develop solutions. With their goals in mind, we developed fun, creative concepts that involved interactives and cutting-edge technology. Once we had their approval, our production teams really got moving! We developed content, designed and produced graphics and animations, shot photography, developed and programmed games, sourced hardware, tested and installed all component.  

In addition to the interactives and games that we produced for the exhibit, we also played a significant hand in designing the exhibit space. Working with our fabrication partner, we designed and fabricated whimsical exhibitry to appeal to visitors of all ages, making the learning experience engaging and memorable. 


Creative Concept
App Navigational Wireframes
Multimedia Design
Gallery Design


Food Styling


Photography Editing
Motion Graphics
Talent Casting
Augmented Reality & Interactive Multimedia Production & Programming

No Need for Step Stools

We knew that Mission Nutrition would be a hit with kids, so we designed our exhibits with their heights in mind. No climbing necessary.

Museums and Exhibits
Museums and Exhibits

Calling All Superheroes

AR triggers are mounted throughout the exhibit. Using an iPad or tablet, visitors can learn how to eat healthy from our superfood-themed characters. 

Museums and Exhibits
Museums and Exhibits