Host your event digitally with Impact REAL-TIME

There’s no doubt that meetings and events are a great way to communicate a consistent message to a large group of people. Everyone is hearing the same message at the same time, in the same context. Frequently, there is the added benefit of tremendous energy that comes from people being together and seeing how their peers are responding to the message. Participating in a high energy presentation engages and informs very effectively.

Sometimes it’s not practical to gather in a large group to achieve these benefits. The goal hasn’t changed. However, an alternative means of conveying the message and creating the energy and excitement desired, is needed.

Enter Impact REAL-TIME, a unique custom service developed by Impact Communications in 2018. Impact REAL-TIME brings remote audiences into the fold and a digital event to life. When limitations prevent you from being able to host a large group event, Impact REAL-TIME provides the solution.

Small audiences can gather in suitable venues to participate in the event. Individual participants can join in remotely through a secure web portal, from their computer or any digital device. Presenters can broadcast from a single venue or multiple points of origin.

There are several differences between Impact REAL-TIME and typical web conferencing.

  • PRODUCTION VALUE:  Live HD video feeds of presenters can be synchronized with speaker support graphics and punctuated with video segments that rival the traditional production of a large stage event.
  • INTERACTION:  Impact REAL-TIME integrates a range of tools including social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so that audience members can share their reactions in real time for their peers to see.
  • AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Tools like Facetime and Skype allow viewers to participate in the event as if they were in the room.
  • POLLING: An integrated polling function fully engages audience members.

All of these tools can be combined into a custom package that best meets your needs.  Only Impact Communications has the expertise and capabilities to create this unique experience for your audience.

To learn more, please contact us at 216.861.1063 or e-mail Bob MacDonald