Career Journey

Recruitment video

To inform and motivate potential employees about working at a healthcare company

The Project

Aspen Dental took an emotional approach to this recruitment video, focusing on interviews with people in the organization that could attest to its unique culture. Impact brought the concept to life with a two camera shoot, creating a “behind the scenes” with the second camera. The result is intimate and dramatic.


With 800+ offices in 42 states, Aspen Dental practices provide a wide range of general dentistry and denture-related services for patients.


Potential Aspen Dental employees.


Inspire individuals to work for
Aspen Dental.

Our Process

To deliver on the emotional factor that Aspen was looking for in this video, we planned an interview set-up using a high-end camera to deliver a superior level of quality. We sourced contemporary stock footage that helped us deliver the key messages of the video. The music track further helped to create the tone for the video. Once in edit, we pulled together all the assets and added on-screen graphics for a polished, finished video that wowed our client.

Aspen Dental was so pleased with the video, they asked us to create several iterations of this video over the next two years. Each new video was revised with a particular audience in mind. We needed to be careful to recreate the same look and feel so that the new footage would blend well with the existing material.


Developing a shooting strategy that matched the client’s vision, including a dramatic black background and a “behind the scenes” angle


Sound Bite Selection


2-Camera Shoot
2 Days of Shooting

Classic and Cool

We shot the on-camera interviews in front of a black backdrop, so viewers focused on the person and their message. We used a second camera to get a behind the scenes look. Used together, the two angles give the video added personality and a little swagger.

Two Cameras Are Better Than One

We used a second camera to get a behind-the-scenes look.


We’re always investing in the high-end cameras and gear
to capture the best image for our clients.