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Event production is stressful. Leave it to the professionals at Impact to design and create the perfect event for your next meeting.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is on brand, on time, and on budget.

Let’s work together!


Our Work

From live events to virtual meetings, we produce world-class Meetings & Events that entertain and motivate your audience. See for yourself.

Interactive VirtualMeetings Done Right

Now more than ever, it’s important to communicate your message and stay connected with your audience. Impact REAL-TIME is an affordable webcast-based solution that lets you host high-quality virtual meeting, events, and graduation ceremonies that mirror traditional ones.


When it comes to Meetings & Events Production, our team can do it all.  We have the knowledge, connections, and tenacity to produce the experience of your dreams. And when we say FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION, we mean it! We’ve got you covered soup to nuts.

Content Creation & Design

Creative Treatment
Theme/Message Development
Script Writing
Set Design

Planning & Production

Venue Selection
Graphic Design & Production
Video Production
Audio Production
Presentation Logistics

Event Execution

Presenter Coaching
Staging/Event Management
Destination Management
Event Social Media


While some creative agencies cater to specific industries, we take a broader approach. From retail to the financial sector, we are ready to help you create Meetings & Events that crush your business objectives.

Impact creates Meetings & Events that motivate your sales force.

Need to motivate your sales team prior to your holiday push? We can do that. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is on-brand and all the details are ironed out to perfection.

We create custom events that inspire learning & celebrate your team.

Healthcare brands need to continually educate their team members. Impact creates events and content that are entertaining, educational, and memorable. Let us focus on your Event Production, so you can remain laser-focused on your patients’ needs.

We might not be scientists, but we understand how to speak to your audience.

The key ingredient to a great meeting is thoughtful and meaningful content. Our team will expertly distill your technical information to create content that is easy to comprehend, visually dynamic, and motivational in nature.

We’ll work with you to produce dynamic debuts for new products.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Impact can help make your product debut slick and memorable for each of your target markets.

Impact helps keep your key stakeholders in the know and entertained.

Impact will work with you to create intimate meetings that allow you to share sensitive information, such as earning reports and quarterly projections. We’ll create custom Speaker Support presentations and graphics to ensure that your data-story is conveyed clearly, concisely, and correctly.

"Impact's partnership, ability to capture our culture and spirit, and grace under pressure is simply incredible."

Kasey Pickett, Aspen Dental

We Can Help

Our team of creative dynamos has the passion, knowledge, and vision to produce custom Meetings & Events your audience will be talking about for years to come. Learn about our capabilities.

Corporate Communications

Dynamically share key messages with staff


Provide ongoing education


Build relationships


Create buzz around your products and services

Investor Relations

Manage relationships with financial backers


Inspire your team

Product Launch

Make a great first impression


Showcase your latest products and services

Brand Building

Form deeper connections with your audience


Provide greater context to increase understanding